The Left Can't Stand
When an LGBT Conservative Speaks Out
If there's one thing they fear, it's a passionate and outspoken Conservative who destroys their manipulative stereotypes and is unafraid to call out and take on anyone to expose the hypocrisy and manipulative tricks of the radical Liberals and Democrats. 

Be that voice and support that voice. They only get away with it because we let them!
Stand with Deplorable Pride today!
LGBT's Support Trump
The Republican Party under Donald Trump has become the most pro-LGBT Republican party ever.  No longer should LGBT Americans feel the need to support Democrats or fear Republicans
America First
Above all else, we are Americans and we are proud to be Americans.  The best interests of the United States should come first, peoples emotions and feelings aren't always the most important concern
True Diversity
The Democrats and the LGBT community claim to stand up for individuals to be different, to be diverse.  When it comes to supporting Trump, they suddenly become VERY intolerant and hateful.
"They will not silence the conservative lGBT voice."
~ Brian Talbert ~
The ONE Thing Democratic Leaders Don't Want The Public To Realize...
In a stunning display of hypocrisy they claim to be the party of diversity and inclusivity! 
For decades, the Democrats have been taking advantage of minority groups, claiming to value diversity and celebrate differences. They keep minorities feeling like victims in order to secure the votes of blacks, Hispanics, and the LGBT community in particular.

In fact, through the 2016 election and beyond, the liberal media and Democratic leadership have shown that they will go to great lengths to silence and shut down those who break the mold and pose a threat to the Democrat stronghold of minority voters.

By showing your support for Deplorable Pride, you are supporting the right of minorities, specifically the LGBT community, to think for themselves and break free from the manipulative identity politics of the left.
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