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Andrew Phillip Woods

Andrew Phillip Woods is a self-described communist who has a history of violence in and around the Charlotte metro area.   Woods and his wife Amber now live in Forest City, NC.  Both appear to be unemployed at the moment but do run at produce stand called A-1 Produce at the NC Farmer's Market in Rutherfordton, NC on Saturdays.  Woods has made many threats against Deplorable Pride, its members, Trump supporters, Conservatives, Republicans and white people in general.  Woods has an extensive violent criminal past.  Woods wife, Amber Loveday Woods, used her position at Atrium Healthcare to dox and obtain the personal info of local Charlotte Conservatives for over three years until she was fired in March 2021.   All this at the direction of her husband, Andrew.  Use extreme caution!

Andrew and his wife Amber have now purchased a food truck.  Here is a link to it.

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