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Meet deplorable pride

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Deplorable Pride began in June of 2017.  We started as an LGBT Conservative Trump supporting organization in Charlotte NC.   But we soon became a Conservative Gay-Straight Alliance.  We changed due to the strong support from straight conservatives.  We were proud to make this change. 

     We applied to have a float in the 2017 Charlotte Pride parade to honor our President for being the first and only President in US history to accept LGBT marriage on day one.  We were told that we were anti-LGBT and could not be a part of the Charlotte Pride Parade, another first in US history, a gay organization discriminating against members of the LGBT community by kicking them out of a pride parade.

That is when Deplorable Pride took off.


     We have since grown into 3000 followers made up of wonderful Patriots from all walks of life.  Deplorable Pride hahas become very active in the MAGA movement and  have been recognized by the White House.  We got a call from the White House in June of 2017 thanking us for our commitment.

     Such fame does not come without a price, because we are proud Patriots and LGBT Conservatives, we are often the target of antifa communist scum in our city.  Our Founder Brian Talbert, has been in court in 2018 and once in 2019. all because of standing up to antifa. Talbert was found not guilty in both cases.

     In retaliation for the huge upset in the court case, antifa has targeted his home by coming in the middle of the night and slashing tires and busting out windows.    He was also attacked at a rally in uptown Charlotte on May 12, 2018. 

     We are committed to doing whatever is necessary in exposing communism wherever it rears its head.  On April 20, 2018 Charlotte antifa and the red guards called us the enemy of the people and said that we had to be stopped by any means. They have threatened members of the LGBT community with bodily harm and intimidation.


     In October of 2018, during a Presidential visit. these same communists threatened blood in the streets against those of us who were camped out to see him. No one in our organization has ever called for violence against any of them. Because of this we are committed to shutting down any group that threatens any Americans for exercising their rights granted to them in the Constitution.

     We are PROUD AMERICAN CITIZENS. We will NOT be threatened on the streets in America. Brave men and women died to protect our rights and it will have to be braver men and women than that to take them away. Keep America Great!

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